the mountains became valleys, the clouds became lakes

by death ray of peace

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recorded december 2013-january 2014

track 3 on a 4 track inside vince's basement laundry room
the rest in my room alone


released January 31, 2014

henry does everything




death ray of peace Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: subject object
finding solace in the shade
wrapping feelings up in tape & cellophane

cause when i breathe
i dont wanna breathe

i wanna get someone
i wanna eat someone
i wanna feel someone else

in the dark i cant see
what i dont wanna see
i know their being obvious
i know im holding back because

when i breathe
i dont wanna breathe
dont tell me not to be afraid
because im fucking afraid

i wanna get something
i wanna eat something
i wanna feel something else

i wanna kill something
Track Name: whts th prob
i can hear your footsteps
but i dont know what they say
i can see your body
casting shadows in the hallway

and your eyes
glued to my computer screen
looking for a reason
to talk to me

but everything i do isnt a call for help
and all i ever wanted was to be content with myself
when you tell me that im lying i dont know what to say
because when all you believe is what you wanna hear
what sense am i supposed to make?

*nirvana ass solo*

the fact that what i wear can keep you
staying up all night
the fact i drink what you drink
can send you spiraling inside

the fact the songs that i sing arent happy
enough for you
is ridiculous i dont know what to do
Track Name: maybe
outside in the sunny air
im gonna watch the light rays run all through her hair
im gonna fall down in a soft and grassy place
and dream of life in space

and maybe
ill think of a way to say
id be with you
if youd be with me
and if not thats okay