steady diet of pizza

by death ray of peace

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all songs were recorded in between july and december 2013 on a four-track with the exception of track 1.

make the world a better place for everyone


released December 3, 2013

henry does everything




death ray of peace Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: the summer so far
i haven't slept in my bed in a while
now i prefer nights on couches and blankets covered in smiles

i've spent the past few days
fucked out of my mind
but now i'm okay

they say i'm changing for the worse
it's what i wanted all along
driving down some Indiana road
with the radio to sing along

i cut my pubic hair off with safety scissors for you

i'll spend the next few days
alone and sad
for now I'm okay
before I cut off all my friends

they say I'm changing for the better
i don't know why
i read a self-help book but
still nothing i do turns out right.
Track Name: twenty cents
if i had a nickel for every time
i fell in love at the record store

i'd have twenty cents
more than twenty cents

if i had a nickel for every time
i fell in love at the library

if i had a nickel for every time
i fell in love at the rock concert

if i had a nickel for every time
i fell in love at chipotle
i'd have no fucking money
Track Name: sorry, not sorry
hope you're not too mad at me
but you've lost all of my sympathy
isn't once enough to say no
it's the fourth time that you've called my phone

i know it would be painless
i know i'm an insane mess
i know i'm being stupid
but i just don't want to do this

one, two, three, four
i don't wanna talk any more
five, six, seven, eight
tell your parents i'm dead weight
Track Name: stupid shit
i like stupid shit
you like stupid shit
we should like stupid shit together

we can wear matching burzum t shirts
we can talk about david hume first

listening to german records
vcr rewinding and checkers

beach boys when it's nice and sunny
and when it's not we'll play william bonney
Track Name: falling out
i'm falling out
i'm falling out of my own life
out of my own life

don't say i'll be fine in a few days
this girl's stuck in my head like a catch phrase

and she tastes like mayonnaise
by that i mean some real good ass mayonnaise
Track Name: life in the third dimension
don't swallow those pills
i promise i'll be okay
i'll be normal in a few days

everything seems too slow or wont stop
when my mood changes faster than the minutes on a clock
faster than the minutes on a clock

i'm not bored and unhappy
i'm just lost in what's happening