music for strangers

by death ray of peace

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sex part sonic disaster

recorded over the past year or so


released December 23, 2015

Brandon Papanicolas & Dane Rabe helped a bunch by mixing songs.

Cover art is based on illustrations by Vince Zuppa.




death ray of peace Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Falling
we were sitting on a park bench
she turned 'round he was a planet
said it said forget it
couldnt hear it couldnt miss it

as dusk broke landscape glowed
figured my last chance to say
my self okay

im fallin in love im fallin love with them
im not the same & now i cant think of anything better than being
being close to them and spending days laughing together

the sidewalk it was a long walk
wanted to hold their hand
couldnt bear to look at their eyes all afternoon
i mumbled every word i said

i wanna wake up every morning to the sound of their voice the sight of the sky so blue in a room that we made for us two
Track Name: Cosmic
im on a rocket
flying straight to the nearest star
im going cosmic
im going anywhere near or far

im going straight through
and i might burn up
but when im held tight next to you
i only wanna be by your side

ill never stop it
though sometimes im pushing hard
im going cosmic
i never thought id make it this far

im going straight through
ill never see the end
cause when im held tight next to you
i only wanna be by your side
Track Name: Ptero
everythings spinning around me
everythings better when i cant see me
made up my past as if
i am ashamed to be

everyone didnt take so long
everyones been there they told me so
all that ive done
all i ever did
Track Name: Yr a Dream
yr a dream and im a memory
your waiting and im longing
we dont have to meet
so why do you meet me?
Track Name: When U Die So Will Rock N' Roll
when u die so will rock n roll
we ll have to think of something new
dont wanna live in a world without you

tobacco industry collapse
the kids will have to go to school

fuel the flames with hairspray
business cards and burned guitars
tour bus fuel and cheap brew
just me & you
Track Name: Bus Rider (Slo Climb)
theyve been gone
theyve been lost
theyve been going through the same three doors
theyve been far
enough to tell
no one rides the bus alone

heaven help us understand just what we did
tiny mouths are spitting something troubling
lost in their thoughts
reason they're afraid of

i hope they make it out because we didnt help
wheels round and round as harder punches felt
horrible attack
no reason but to look back